Explore The Natural State with the Arkansan Outdoorsman

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With the Arkansan Outdoorsman, you'll be able to find places to go and things to do and see all over the state, whether you're an outdoors enthusiast, or just visiting.

About the project

The Arkansan Outdoorsman is a project created by a small team of students from Bentonville, Arkansas that want to share the best the Natural State has to offer. Most apps and website glance over the smaller, local attractions that are equally as incredible as Crystal Bridges and Devil's Den; we aim to change that by combining lists of the best attractions chosen by the communities that host them.

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You'll see why

It's called the "Natural State"

The Arkansan Outdoorsman

There's a reason that Arkansas is the Natural State! Its beautiful mountains and valleys, dense woodland and fertile plains, clear lakes and streams, colorful seasons, and abundant wildlife help make Arkansas live up to its name.

The Arkansan Outdoorsman aims to catalog outdoor attractions throughout the state to help mountaineers, bikers, hikers, boaters and other outdoorsmen and women alike find what Arkansas has to offer in terms of outdoor exploration and fun for all ages all over the state. There's more to do than hike through Devil's Den or go floating on the Buffalo River - and the Arkansan Outdoorsman will show you that!

The goal is to go to several organizations throughout the state to gather lists of the attractions - some well known and some not - in their respective areas. We also aim to gather opinions as to the best attractions around the state from as many people as possible.

We can't get them all right away, so the app will be constantly updated with new attractions as they come to light.

Find whatever you need

Wherever you need it.

The Arkansan Outdoorsman

The major goal with the Arkansan Outdoorsman, something we hate about using other travel apps, is to make the data available whenever you need it, wherever you are. An internet connection should not be required to use most features on the app.

Current travel apps for Arkansas, most notably Arkansas Tourism developed by Aristotle Inc., need an internet connection to use. Actually, Aristotle's app is guilty of simply presenting the arkansas.com mobile website.

This is unacceptable, and something we aim to change with a complex system of caching and storing data. When using our app, you will be prompted to update the information when your device is connected to wifi; the app will refresh it's data and save everything to be used offline.

Think simple

Easy to use, easy on the eyes

The Arkansan Outdoorsman

Apps should be simple and easy to use. The Arkansan Outdoorsman is no exception here. We're aiming to design the user interface to be easy to navigate and make finding a new favorite hangout a breeze.

Early mockups of the design show the direction we're headed to be clean, flat, modern style design, with easy-to-read text, clean buttons, and colorful - but not distracting - backgrounds. The app will also have many features phased in throughout several updates, keeping the experience fresh.

The team

All eight of our team's member are from Bentonville, Arkansas. Three seniors (just graduated) and five juniors (still have another year, HA!) make up the team. All of us come from different programming/design backgrounds and bring something unique and useful to the table.

Rahul Nair

Wesley Johnston

Jan Timpe

Kristopher Swann

Jacob Shiohira

Sameer Kulkarni

Devon Gulati

Saiteja Leburu

The development process

Developing a mobile app is like designing any other piece of software, and has to go through a strict process.

Plan Design Build Test Release Maintain
Development Stage

Currently, we are researching attractions to include in the Arkansan Outdoorsman's index. We do this by contacting travel and tourism organizations based in the distinct regions of Arkansas and ask them to provide a list of the attractions to feature, then we aggregate the necessary information, and add the entire block into a secure database. At the same time as we are aggregating information, we can go ahead and start designing how the app will store and present information to the user. Currently, a basic model of the app is in production - this basic model will be updated over the development process to accomodate features as we decide to add them, but is primarily for test purposes as data is still being incorporated.